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To the Love of My Life

by Joy Nelson 9 months ago in love poems

I Don't Need You

To the Love of My Life,

Singleness is a gift, without a doubt.

I am my own entity, no need to report when I go in and out.

Companionship isn't a problem at all.

I have good friends for winter, spring, summer, and fall.

I don't need you—I'm fine on my own.

Despite what others might say, I'm never alone.

I don't need another soul to fill my life.

I'll be just fine if I'm never anyone's wife.

With that being said, I must confess,

There's a restlessness lodged deep in my chest.

There's a place I'm keeping warm just for a special someone.

Someone to keep close all the days til my life is done.

When you meet me, you'll quickly come to see,

I can be stubborn, withdrawn, and a little moody.

But that's nothing personal, please recognize.

It's never my intention to harshly criticize.

When I choose to need you, two will merge together.

Please let me breathe your air forever and ever.

I promise to treasure you through thick, thin, and all that's between.

You'll be my Prince Charming, and I'll be your Diamond Queen.

Author's Note: These were my feelings before I met my fiancé (except I would never call myself a Diamond Queen—he came up with that). He's the best. I feel the entire world should know that he is the best. :-)

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