Time Traveler

Written in 2016, Original Composition

Time Traveler

I’m always in a daze, living in time, trapped within my mind.

Watching memories of the past drift away, and

Daydreaming of all the maybes on their way to my reality.

I am a time traveler, trapped within my mind, soul’s always flying.

A person with all the time in the world, maybe too much; spending it all waiting or dreaming.

Spending my nights in history, thinking of the times where things seemed better.

My days are spent in the haze of depression and waiting for night to come.

Constantly stamping my passport, accidentally disappearing into what could be.

Rarely I find moments I can actually focus on during their happening.

Spinning the threads in my visions, pulling together my future,

While I can barely stand my present, as it is a not so thankful gift.

I, alone in the cage of my thoughts, somehow need others to take my time seriously.

When I’m here, it’s just a minute; just an hour, or day. It can be passed if I’m on my own anyways.

However, when I am with another soul of which I connect, every moment is preciously kept.

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Jessica Marie Teichgrab-Loney

Cat mom; Aspiring writer; An old soul trapped in a young woman. A compilation of her writings and thoughts.

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