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Time over Patience

by CosmicSongbirdJGM 8 days ago in slam poetry
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Time is hard to grasp, and taking advantage of time is just as hard. We need patience.

Time over Patience
Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

We have got to stop worrying about the time that passes us by,

Before the time that we have right now is all gone and dead.

Just imagine all the things we can do if we let go of our restraints,

And instead put on our seatbelts as we rotate around the sun.

The stars and worlds above us shine brighter than we will ever truly know.

And yet we are overwhelmed by all the simple errors in life.

We hold onto all of our regrets and shame even when we aren't trying,

All because we have this persistent need to do every single little thing right.

We feel like we need to say the right things, make the right choices,

That we have to live up to our society's standards in order to be fully content and happy.

That right there is our biggest problem when it comes to taking advantage of time.

We never have enough time to accomplish all of these things and because of that we are forever hypervigilant of the wasted opportunities.

We lose any sense of patience in order to rush our progress in our achievements.

The brain tells us that we need to be better now and no later.

Because to the mind, 'Better late than never' is never an acceptable sentence.

But what if we just learn to sit with these feelings and beliefs instead of running away from them?

If we want to truly understand just how much time we all really have,

And if we want to stop worrying about the missed opportunities and failed actions from years prior,

Then why don't we just sit down, breathe, and just settle ourselves?

Let us just let the seconds go by as they are intended to, and focus on our present endeavors.

Once we allow ourselves to fully settle into our present time won't seem to go by so quickly all that much.

So, why are we predisposed to stewing over all that lost time?


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I am a recent college grad with a BA in Creative Writing. My focus is in fiction as I want to write tons of sci-fi, fantasy, drama and comedy stories and so much more. I'd like to one day write scripts for tv shows and maybe even movies.

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Comments (11)

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  • Georgenes Medeiros4 days ago

    great text. Amazing..

  • Joseph June7 days ago

    Patience it is 👍

  • Ebony Dominguez7 days ago

    We need patience. Wonderful words. Thank you

  • Dylan 7 days ago

    Very well written. This is a topic that can be hard to talk about but you hit it spot on! People need to stop worrying about the future and do our best to live in the moment! Keep up the great work! Keep patience, there will be major success in your future!

  • Keep up the excellent work. Good morning.

  • Laura Hughes8 days ago

    I can totally relate too what you wrote very nice piece.

  • Sassy Roe8 days ago

    We just need to get a breather and get accustomed to all the beauty around us ! Beautiful poem

  • Kendall Defoe8 days ago

    Poem and Proverbs... Nice work.

  • Fantastic work. Well-spoken. I totally agree. Enjoy life while you're living it. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Then why don't we just sit down, breathe, and just settle ourselves? I keep reading that line. I think my panic settles in, and I’m driving myself into insanity trying to be “happy”.

  • Nice work! And entirely relatable. As someone who dwells on regrets, it has me thinking about how to change that. ❤️

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