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Time and Light intertwine

Do time and Light flow together, or separately?

By Liam StormPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

A wonderful sight,

Beautiful to be exact,

Currently in a world of its own,


Empty your mind and see,

First light of day,

Guaranteed to put your mind at ease.


In another time,

Just a few hours before,

Keeping the balance,

Light outside is little to none,


Noon has no such boundaries,

Opposite of the night, the light shines bright,

Propelled across time and space,

Quickly, much faster than we can see,

Reaching earth only to be stopped by you,

Shadows, created by obstruction of light.

Time flows naturally in one direction,

Unlike light which traverses all directions,

Vast distances covered in seconds,

Wind does not interrupt it,

Xenon does not interfere,

Yet at the last moment it has been stopped,

Zero, time has run out, for that light.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Liam Storm

I currently work as a thatcher, but love the art of writing a narrative, currently I am working on putting my ideas onto paper and creating a book. In the meantime I create short stories to keep myself, girlfriend and two dogs entertained.

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  • PK Colleran4 months ago

    Thoughtful piece on time and light 🕯️ and an excellent abecederian. I really enjoyed this. 💙

  • Oh wow, this flowed so smoothly that I only realised it was an Abecedarian when I reached the letter V! Your poem was so beautifully crafted!

  • Mackenzie Davis4 months ago

    Ooh, very unique choice of subject for the abecedarian challenge. I really like the laser focus on light and time, seeing the contrast of its presence versus its absence, and the sheer force of it being manifested in shadows. Very cool read! And Xenon was a fantastic choice for X.

  • Lenita Lei4 months ago

    That's really great! ❤️ SciFi and similar topics. I like to see what others wrote for the line using X hehe

  • Teepots 4 months ago

    Beautifully written. Love the way you use language ♥️

  • Abody N. Eiid5 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading that ❤️, and I hope you 'll read my stories and rate me on them because I care about your opinion🥰💝

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