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Tide Pool

by Sand 3 years ago in art
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Lost and Hopeless...

Photo by Henrik Berg on Unsplash

It's all become cold and dark.

I've done anything to feel and now all I wish to feel is numb.

Sparks of everything are now flames in my mind.

I am in pain a pit that I keep creating.

It's become routine... to do the things that I know will hurt me... to do the things that separate me from everyone else.

Like the little pool of treasures cast aside once the tide returns to its beautiful ocean.

I am simple and easy to forget.

Young yet filled with things that can easily be found elsewhere.

I've become well versed in the vast quick routes to feeling through negative means.

So addicted to quick thrills and sleep.

So lost in indecisiveness.

So stuck on giving up.


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I used to feel like i could show people what I overcame. I’m older now and broken down I guess I’m really just calling out without expectations these days it’s smoothing still being able to hear myself.

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