by Iana Sanders 5 months ago in art

A Place to Escape...


Its a feeling empty void of sight sound meaning

A feeling without confines

A feeling of floating aimlessly

Its painless

Its not warm nor cold

Nothing is everything

Nothing is all I need

Its my freedom

The only way I can escape my mind

The only place it can't chase

Its finally quiet

I am finally alone without fear of return

I don't know time here

Everyone faded a while ago to me

grey clear see through

I always forget that I will have to go back

To reality, home, people

I always forget to hide my escape

I always have to find another way to you

My dream


How does it work?
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Iana Sanders

I write to release my emotions because I struggle with anxiety depression and being bipolar. So now I wanna share my poetry with everyone else and show them these things don’t stop me so they shouldn’t stop you. Let’s push forward together. 

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