Through Depression's Door

by Jodie Shaw 2 years ago in sad poetry

The Effects of Anxiety and Depression

Through Depression's Door

I’m screaming but no one hears a sound

I’m standing alone in the middle of this crowd

My heart is pounding hard inside my chest

And the sweat is pouring down from my forehead

The room is spinning and I am about to fall

The ground has started to shake and I’ve lost sight of the walls

The floor is crumbling away beneath my feet

And my balance has gone and my legs have gone weak

The sky has turned black and a storm is coming

The thunder is loud and my head is thumping

This place that I’m in, I’ve been here before

I ended up here when I fell through depressions door

Here I am again on a cliff with the waves crashing beneath me

With the gentle spray of the ocean trying to tease me

So I look down at the rocks as the waves crash against them

And the voice telling me to end it all is oh so tempting

Each lightning strike strikes me hard in the chest

I stumble, fall back my hearts giving way in my breast

The sting of the hail stones crash hard on my face

And the rain is like acid burning me away

But I refuse to be beaten, I refuse to let myself fall

And I fight back through the pain, scream, try to stand tall

The hail stones lesson and the thunder ceases

I'm panting, crying, falling to pieces

But then I feel the chaos around me start to fade away

Though the urge to jump is still forefront in my brain

I stand for a while and let my tears trickle down

Then to my amazement, in the distance I see the sun coming out

The darkness subsides and everything looks so bright

And the cliff has turned into a rock and I can see birds in flight

I let the air caress my cheeks and my hair sway in the breeze

And I allow myself a moment to take in the scene

I close my eyes and voices come to my ears

As well as the clink of glasses and people saying cheers

And as I look around I am back in the room

The floors back beneath my feet, there’s no impending doom

My friends holding my hand and talking away

I’m no longer alone, my minds no longer astray

The storm is now over and I realise

That if I ride the storm out… I will always be fine...

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