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Threads of Endless Love

Love's Melody

By CrownMasqueradePublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Threads of Endless Love
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In the depths of my heart, a love unfurled,

A bond unbreakable, the essence of my world.

From the first flutter within, a sacred connection,

A mother's love, a profound reflection.

With every breath, a lullaby softly sung,

Nurturing whispers, a cradle of love begun.

I held you close, my precious creation,

A testament to love's infinite foundation.

In your tiny hands, I saw dreams take flight,

A future unwritten, bathed in pure light.

Through sleepless nights and tender care,

I reveled in love beyond compare.

With each milestone reached, my heart soared,

Your laughter, a symphony I endlessly adored.

I marveled at the wonder within your eyes,

A world anew, unburdened by disguise.

In moments of sadness, I held you near,

Absorbing your tears, banishing all fear.

I became your shelter, a sanctuary true,

An unwavering presence, guiding you through.

Through scraped knees and whispered fears,

I embraced you, wiping away any tears.

I witnessed your growth, as time flew by,

A bittersweet melody, a heartfelt sigh.

In your triumphs, I found pride untold,

Cheering you on, watching your story unfold.

Your spirit, resilient, vibrant, and free,

An embodiment of all you were meant to be.

And as you venture into the world unknown,

Remember, my love for you has only grown.

Forever and always, my child, you'll find,

A mother's love, steadfast and kind.

In the tapestry of life, you are my brightest thread,

A cherished soul, the legacy I have bled.

For in your existence, my purpose I see,

A mother's love, eternal and free.

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