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This is You

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

By Invader Zim Published 2 months ago 2 min read

Love has so many different faces.

In wonder we find it in strange ways, odd places.

Seemingly so, I dare you to take a moment and look around.

Truly stop, right now and look around you.

I hope you are outside in a comfortable way of being.

With sweet warm sunlight bathing your skin.

Close your eyes and hear the sound of everything, whether it be birds, the breeze, traffic. It’s amazing you can shut the world out with your eyes and still absorb it all through sound. Completely astounding.

If you happen to be nearby some lake, pond or river or even the ocean or the sea - take another moment, selfish as it may be.

Take the moment, seize it now and let your mind wander free.

You deserve to live in each moment as if it may be your last yet there is so, so much magic to be found in this very moment.

Your life is incredible. Life can be incredible.

Through the cold, the dark and the soul crushing pain of what life can be. You deserve a moment of peace and silence that comes from bliss.

These bodies, these lives - they are not meant to be everlasting.

Even pain, loss and grief have a way of evolving for the sake of being.

Yet that very realness of what we all truly are - doesn’t it make each given moment that much sweeter?

Similar to dining with a finely aged wine or a fabulously tasteful meal made especially for you by someone who loves you.

It can be attested for that food made by someone who cares for you deeply, can be the best kind.

The view from your favorite places in the entire world, those which you have yet to see and have already known within the deepest realms of your heart.

If I could ask one thing of you, I ask you to take this moment and remember how wondrous you are.

How much time, how many transitions to your being that have been underwent to become what you are right now. You are alive.

You are love. You have love to give and love yet to be received.

You are life. Breathing, reading, listening, singing, dancing, you are so much more than one small aspect of living.

You are all parts of it as you experience it changing around you, within you.

I am grateful for you, for you are reading these words and that gives me hope.

A strong hope and belief that eventually we all can truly live with a capable gratitude to enjoy our lives as we meet our own ends.

For all in all, we really are just wonderful stories told over and over again, lived over and over again.

We are transcendent for love lives on as long as life flourishes.

There will always be hope where there is life.

You are life, you are hope.

I appreciate what you are.


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