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This is Not the End

One more lucky one in Heaven, but Still the Earth Crosses.

By Francis LPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Regretted Queen Elizabeth II of U.K. ((c) GettyImages)

The sun embraces the moon

The fun encounters the spoon

One dun squires for one last loon

And the run stopped afternoon ;

"She has gone, she is gone.

Her smiling face no longer shines."

Thus think the crowd, "Her tone

Will be missing. For many lines."

Yes! She cheered up the Nation as one whole family.

Yes! She cheered on many dwellers really happily,

And yet this long-time ruler of Kingdoms

All life-long fed up with people's wisdoms,

Let a church chill stay for generations

And a vast frisky set of sensations ;

Even an emperor asked for permission

To follow the eventual procession

Despite an unduly shot

Aback lain in a strange spot.

But however the circumstances play

Only her joy, smiles and blisses will stay.

God blessed the Queen!

God blessed her keen!

Regretted Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (her living Country) and many other States, passed away on 08 September 2022 into Scotland - one Province of the United Kingdom. She was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (of the House of Windsor).

Here the short reaction of one of her contemporaneous musician :

2 June 1953, Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of the United-Kingdom (short excerpt in color). Longer excerpt in color here (produced by British Movietonews with the help of Gevacolor process), and the main part of the ceremony can be found here (filmed by the BBC) - both conserved into the Associated-Press-archive catalog.

One of the last public (and funny) appearance of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, with her well-known beary visitor (fictional character) Paddington - imagined by Paul King - during her 70th Platinum Jubilee celebration for ascending the Throne, June 2022.

Former Queen liked her neighboring Countries and particularly France, a diversified place (with horses) she visited many times. Hear one song of the living National's most preferred figure (also major songwriter) Jean-Jacques Goldman, "Puisque tu pars"("As you are leaving") :

One year before she died I wrote a short text about her and her fighting spirit, that can be found there : https://vocal.media/poets/light-fight.

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