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One Shot

by Francis L 2 months ago in social commentary
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Doom of a Dream

"Nara", E.S.Posthumus (Helmut & Franz Vonlichten), Nov 2001

In short a smack shot him.

His family was powerful and

It helped him to flourish and succeed ;

He took into iron fist the Land

Then provided to more than one need.

In short a smack shot him.

This heir used three arrows, plus three news ;

Someone had believed he was guilty

For too many prays - lack of pity

And acted quickly where meet few mews.

In short a smack shot him.

Well, an old city on an island

Formerly there emperors would stand ;

Strange feeling finally collected

At the time nobody expected -

A gun slapped a man who failed to stand.

In short a slug slapped him.

Picture and analysis provided by The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (en), the main financial newspaper (all Countries combined). Abe Shinzo (surname given-name) shared his last breath on 8 July 2022, after inner blasts.

Down : "Nara" by Sofiane Pamart, 2020.

Nara-shi is one former Capital of Japan, First to be

social commentary

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