This Crazy Shit Called Love

A Poem

This Crazy Shit Called Love

This Crazy shit called LOVE.

LOVE, you got me straight up questioning myself.

And everything that I value.

If I got to beg for it I don't want it.

It was never meant for me.

If you make me sacrifice for it, I meant need it.

Then you weren't meant for me.

Like bumblebees we pollinate, moving flower unto flower.

Spreading all this LOVE around,

Making babies by the hour.

And before we can heal up from the last let down,

We're already settling in and are planning with another.

Our insides bleeding and torn.

We offer up this LOVE that's been damaged by each other.

Who wants that shit?

And if you get a minute take a look around,

There are broken people are scattered all around.

LOVE you left us in pieces, forgotten and alone.

We all end up humiliated, annilated, frustrated with all of it.

But day by day, one by one.

We line up, as if they are giving this LOVE away.

Want, greed, lust, need.

Like paupers and beggars we wait for it, knowing we're too late for it.

Who do we think we are fooling, this LOVE?

LOVE doesn't really give a shit.

We emerge from within, this ugly place that we've been,

Better now somehow? Why, because we knew LOVE?

That's what we keep telling ourselves, but we're just fooling ourselves .

Thinking back on our lives; reliving our lies.

We sit back and cry, remembering the times;

We had to beg for it.

We had to plan for it.

Some of us are willing to steal it.

Most are living in regret because of it.

I refuse to give in to this LOVE shit.

People are willing to pay for it.

Can you believe they are mass producing this shit?

Some will die for it,

Most of us have lied for it.

Women lie down for this shit.

Those that can work for it.

All the while trying to find the worth in all of it.

But yet still we salvage it.

We dig hoarding this shit.

People have sworn by it.

Sit up all night crying for it.

Fall head first into it.

Brothers in Arms are dying for it.

Mothers and fathers are tearing apart families for it.

All the while, some are creating homes with it.

LOVE, I can no longer swallow this shit,

I know I won't break down and cry over it.

So LOVE, if I gotta fight for it, I'm done working for it.

I'm done looking for it.

We shouldn't have to earn this shit.

We will learn never learn from it.

Maybe I'm just too old to fall for this shit.

People are constantly playing with it and losing it.

Young lovers become imprisoned by it.

They get so lost in this shit.

LOVE, Something's not right with all this.

And in the end, everybody ends up hurt because of it.

Everywhere, everybody's talking about it.

Watch TV, these kids are killing for it.

Can you believe people are taking their own lives because it?

We are losing too many because of it, and we gotta get over this shit.

It's an epidemic; protect yourself from it.

This crazy shit called LOVE.

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Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
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