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birthday thoughts

By Ashleigh Nichole WoodwardPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

april 1, 1990, i was born. it was a sunday morning, and i came way too early, and popped out way too small.

the odds were already against me, but that didn't matter at all.

life was filled with struggle and sadness, but i always found a reason to smile..

now, in these adult years, i know my mindset was worth while.

year 33, i wanted to give it all up..

life felt meaningless, and i'm dying anyway, so that was all i could think of..

but i've found inspiration in myself lately, just things in my own mind..

remembering who i am at my core, and reclaiming this lifetime.

all of the things i want to do, all of the places i need to see..

i am making strides to make it all happen, and no one can stop me, but me.

i keep being given more life, despite my own best efforts to go home..

it gives me more reason to understand, in my time, i am meant to grow.

as i venture into these things i have in the works, some old and some new..

i am excited to light up the world, like only my own light can do.

happy birthday to me.


About the Creator

Ashleigh Nichole Woodward

i am the light, fighting for my life.

stiff person syndrome warrior.



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  • Manisha Dhalani2 months ago

    Happy birthday, Ashleigh!

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