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different misters

By Ashleigh Nichole WoodwardPublished 3 months ago • 3 min read

my beautiful baby girls.

they are everything...

though they hate being called my little girls

more than anything.

my sisters by birth

but my kids through life.

my anchor in the deep

my light through life.

there they stand.




from being young

both wild and shy

to growing up

my ocean and sky

through struggles

we could not control,

pressing forward always..

survival as the goal.

they have always been

life to me.

see, there are two of them

and we have brothers, too.

the boys are the babies of us all

though they're like my sons, too.

my girls don't fully understand

how hard life was for me

but they helped more than they know

to continue our story.

just with their faces,

always determined.

eyes bright.

spirit strong.

without many complaints

they always pushed through

the things thrown at us

with tears, but smiles too.

cold rainy days

often colder nights..

through the fun we created

and even the fights

my girls warmed the world,

like only they could.

cuddles or whatever,

ask it and they would.

to be earth angels




watching them grow up

was such a joy..

from changes in their styles,

to them liking boys..

funny little crushes

and the bonds they made in school..

witnessing them become who they are

my babies are just too cool.

flourishing in their own spaces

giving their all to everyone.

them growing with solid values,

was important to me from day one.

instilling things in them

like compassion and empathy

loving that they know the difference

when choosing which way to be.

it is the best part of life

for me.

to have them

to give them me.

though i'm only older by a few years,

they still seem so small.

so precious to me always,

my little porcelain dolls.

but they're unbreakable really.

they can get through anything.

the willpower they have,

it will always amaze me.

where i hold fear

and cannot go for my goals

my girls will jump head first

they'll have stories worth being told.

from passports to airports

seas and the skies.

my babies are going where they wish,

all wonder in their eyes.

my little perfect ladies

full of honor.

well versed.


the day i learned my life was ending

all i could think of was my kids.

the siblings who hate me calling them that,

but understanding it for what it is.

the feelings i couldn't place

realizing it was for me and not them..

knowing they'd for sure be okay.

but i don't want this bond to end.

my boys will have my girls

and for that, they'll be alright.

they hold on to each other through everything,

they've got each other for life.

where i was young, and lacking

i'd look for motivation in my girls..

seeing what they put their minds to..

adjusting to their takes on the world.

anything is possible

that was what i'd always say

but they are actions instead of words

and show me that every day.

when i leave this earth

their lives will still be full of more

i pray i can watch from the heavens

to witness the lives they continue to explore.

my angels.




in my final time here

one thing will remain true.

my world feels fuller with my girls,

without them, it wouldn't do.

giving up was never an option

because i had them to lean on

they didn't even realize they were the ones

who kept my heart beating on.

when i fail to see reasons

to keep on fighting for life anymore

i simply video up my babies

and it's back to knowing there's more.

they give me reason.




my beautiful baby girls

they make this pained life worth it all.

the lives tethered to my own by choice

with them, i can never fall.

so thankful for the light in their eyes

the one my own will always mirror..

i may have come first to this earth,

but their souls make mine see clearer.

for this life and every other.

blessed forever with each other.

a sister they made me, it was an honor..

but i get to know love like i'm a mother.

forever thankful.

heart and eyes full

with eternal gratitude.

my life is meaningful.

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About the Creator

Ashleigh Nichole Woodward

i am the light, fighting for my life.

stiff person syndrome warrior.



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