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The Yearnings in Silence

This is my first poem draft, written from my longing heart.

By Ayomide Oyeyinka Published 19 days ago 1 min read

I’m on my phone,

In the cold all alone,

Trying my all to get to you,

Feels like a lifetime since I last saw you,

You’ve been busy,

I’ve been busy,

I hate to be a disturbance,

So I gave the distance,

It hurts that I can’t seem to get hold of you,

Feels like our world is drifting apart,

I really do understand, rationally, I do,

But sometimes, I’m unable to tame the yearnings in my heart,

My heart longs for you,

Longs for the day we get to relive the past,

The chance to laugh hearty with you,

That time we’ll not be busy but available to enjoy the moment,

Gone were the days we were young and idle,

The time we had no struggle,

No real hurdle in sight, just the curfew,

The beautiful days when I could really hold you,

Time passed,

Things changed,

I grew,

You grew,

Now we’re in a race against time,

We desire not to be left behind by peers,

We’ve gained understanding of life,

It is no bed of roses,

Here I am standing close to your home,

Scared to put a call through,

I don’t want to distract you,

What makes you happy is my priority,

I’m on my phone on your street,

Staring at your picture with the caption, ‘I miss you’

My injured heart hurts more in this cold,

I miss the warmth of your cuddles,

I’ll hold the pain in,

You live in happiness and joy,

I will stand watch from afar,

And hope for the day we come in close again.

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About the Creator

Ayomide Oyeyinka

I am many things

A Writer ✍️

A Poet

A Copywriter

A Nigerian

Greener Earth Enthusiast

I have my background in Mass Communication and the sequence Persuasive Journalism (PR&AD).


I pray thee, unto me, make mention of me to potential clients 😁

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Naveed 17 days ago

    WOW! Very amazing work!!

  • The yearning here was so intense and it was very emotional! Loved your poem!

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