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The Wolf

Haikus to a creature we take for granted

By Michelle LiewPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
The Wolf
Photo by Darren Welsh on Unsplash

Having brought a new puppy into the family, my mind drifts to what canines represent. Since all of them descend from the wolf, it focuses further fon this creature.

Like the dog, the wolf symbolizes everything one would think a canine does. Its howling testifies to its ability to communicate. its pack mentality testifies to its loyalty. And surely, it is a wise, nurturing and intelligent creature.

Yet, as all of us do, it has an innate savagery that does not surface unless it is threatened. And so, the wolf causes us to reflect on our humanity. enjoy these haiku

The howling sound that

Tells others when the time comes

To eat, sleep, wake and hunt

Togetherness, bonds

Unbreakable and Truthful

Loyal and honest

Its eyes reflecting

The sagacity within a

Heart and soul so old

The mind, so foused

On a hunt for survival

It eventually wins

It strikes only when

The need to protect and serve

Arises abrupt.

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About the Creator

Michelle Liew

Hi, i am an English Language teacher cum freelance writer with a taste for pets, prose and poetry. When I'm not writing my heart out, I'm playing with my three dogs, Zorra, Cloudy and Snowball.

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  • Raymond G. Taylor2 months ago

    Love wolves and well done for making the connection between wild wolves and domesticated dogs. I have been fascinated to watch a pair of border collies rounding up their owners' children, just like rounding up sheep or wolves chasing down prey. I have also worked with dogs that can be playful but protective of their handlers. I have written a fictional wolf saga if you are interested. Thanks for sharing

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    It's fascinating how much we can learn from their existence and behavior.

  • Awww, a new puppy! What's his or her name? Loved your set of Haikus!

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