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The Truth Seeker

by A.N.Tipton 8 months ago in nature poetry

Listen, Dear One

The Truth Seeker
Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash

The truth seeker,

the seer,

the unblemished vision,

comes to me on the wind.

She sighs

with starstruck eyes,

gently, softly,

showing me the way.

Listen, dear one,

to the voices

singing the song

of all of creation.

To the whispers of petals unfolding,

the laughter of dancing brooks,

the buzzing of lazy bees,

remaking the world.

To the cry of a newborn,

the exhale of the dying,

the circle of existence

in ever flowing patterns.

She sends her prayers,

on the double rainbow helix,

blessing Gaia after the gentle rain,

nourishing all life.

Colors exploding

into chords of vibration,

of never ending spirals,

painting the world anew.

The vision fades

like drifting clouds,

dissipating along the horizon

like a gentle caress of a lover's goodbye.

Leaving me feeling

strangely touched

deep in my sacred heart

with an undeniable knowing.

Her ancient song

dances upon the wind,

like a distant sigh upon my skin.

I am here, always, dear one.

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