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Is This How Happiness Shrinks


By Will Shimnom SimonPublished 27 days ago 1 min read
Is This How Happiness Shrinks
Photo by Jake Colling on Unsplash

Like a garment worn thin and old?

Fading fast, losing its links,

To the heart that once made it whole?

Memories once vibrant,

Faded like flowers at the end of day

Laughter that echoed,

Of a moment lost, gone aw-ray.

We chase the wind, we grasp the air

And wonder why joy is hard to share

For in the pursuit, we forget to care

For the beauty that's present, to fare.

Like a flame that flickers, dims and blinks?

A spark remains, but oh, how it sinks

Into the darkness, where love links

Let us tend the fire, let it grow

Nurture the joy, as it starts to show

For in the warmth, our hearts will glow

And happiness will bloom, and never let go.

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Will Shimnom Simon

Always the poet... Never the poem.

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  • Margaret Brennan27 days ago

    My mom once asked me if I still loved my ex. I said no. "Do you hate him, then?" she asked. I said no. I elaborated: "I neither love nor hate him for that would require an emotion for which he's not worthy. I was his "old" garment which he tossed aside for something new. I reused that garment and made it whole again. He doesn't deserve it - or me." ............ I love this poem. It's so accurate.

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