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The Sweetness Before The Storm

I’m forcing my brain to win over my heart

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 2 min read
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The lovey-dovey and the sweet talk , not foreseeing the upcoming storm, That will put an end to this chapter

The burning passion seems at its peak , the sorrow could be equally intense later , When the chapter is fully closed

Let's hope that this is a good ending for all, after all these decades of entanglements , It’s time for each of us to retrieve to our fated positions

For a sense of lasting peace and harmony , without feeling any guilts or regrets

Goodbye my sun-kissed love, as warm as the sun and strong as a rock

But you’re not mine to keep, I’ll miss you and your love my dear , And be thankful for your warmth

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stint in your love diary, as we‘ll play buddies only and no more lovers

Who knows the new him will shower me the warmth , better or just as good as yours

But one thing certain is he’ll give me peace of mind , I wouldn’t be alone again during the festive seasons

And alone again in all the family and friends gatherings

I would have someone that I finally call my own , without feeling I'm the second-best ‘the other woman’

I just need to overcome this final hurdle in my life , to finally enjoy a more wholesome life

This would be my last missing piece in the puzzle , I know you will feel sad about this closure , But a strong person like you will be okay

I’m just an extra piece in your life’s puzzle , that added extra joy but I never the big part of it

I’m thankful for having you in my life still , thank you for used to be a big part of my life

That shone light and sun when I needed it the most , gave me hope and raised me up when I was down

Caught me every time when I fall , be there for me when the whole world deserted me

You are almost everything to me in my world , I’m writing this down as part of my emotional preparation

To leave this very strong bond and its change of form, to ensure I make the right decision

I don’t want to miss the upcoming chance again , I’ve no more time left for another mistake

Brain — You must win this time!

Heart — You must let Brain wins this time!

* * *

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