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The Struggle is Real

As it is defined

By Colleen Millsteed Published 10 months ago 1 min read
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The crippling pain when I remember your name,

The ache that drowns in my chest,

The tears that surround my broken soul,

The dread laying heavily upon my breast.


The difficulty swallowing back my sobs,

As I remember a time that’s now lost,

A happy time, one promising it’s forever,

Back before the lines were crossed.


I weep through the golden memories,

Times precious but of a forgotten past,

A sorrow of epic proportions,

Times now forever passed.


The physicality of emotional pain a shock,

The breath expelled without relief,

The hollowness of the devastating loss,

Agonising beyond belief.


A searching solution across the expanse,

One heart’s whisper to another,

A born wander of possibilities,

Hope is the definition of the other.


Do you hurt at the unexpected outcome?

Do you wander the same halls of despair,

Feeling nothing can change, nothing get better?

Living the moment realising you’re not there.


The struggle is real, the struggle is defined,

Emptiness the new norm,

The wedge of raw emotion,

The precipitation from the storm.

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Colleen Millsteed

My first love is poetry — it’s like a desperate need to write, to free up space in my mind, to escape the constant noise in my head. Most of the time the poems write themselves — I’m just the conduit holding the metaphorical pen.

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Comments (5)

  • Cathy holmes10 months ago

    This is heartbreaking. Well done, my friend.

  • This was extremely relatable my friend. That emptiness, the difficult swallowing back sobs, just everything. Well done!

  • Tiffany Gordon 10 months ago

    Stunning work Colleen! I hope and pray that things improve 4 you!

  • Alex H Mittelman 10 months ago

    A sad poem that’s very well written! Nice work, beautifully done!

  • Diane Mary Markey10 months ago

    Colleen, the pain so real, so raw. Again a poem from the heart, thank you.

Colleen Millsteed Written by Colleen Millsteed

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