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The Squirrel

by Denise Larkin about a year ago in nature poetry

A poem about a squirrel

The Squirrel
Photo by Yuhan Du on Unsplash

The squirrel is fickle

And bright

Its ears stand out

Listening, thinking,

Planning its way

Through the grass

Up a tree

Living for another day.

Its furry body

Leaps about

Climbing along fences

Finding its favorite food

To munch on,

It knows

It smells good.

A squirrel can be seen

In a park

Looting dustbins

And eating nuts

Hiding in trees

Climbing branches

Searching its way


On a sunny day

A squirrel is there

Enjoying the warmth

Finding its place

To have its feast

Eating, cherishing

Their nuts

And insects

Biting, chewing, spitting,

Into something


The squirrel

Looks up

It stares

With its large

Dark eyes

Seeding and binding

Its time.

The squirrel never

Gets close

For anything bigger

Or surprising

Sends a shocking


To its furry

Frightening body

scarpering it away

Into a quiet place.

©️ Denise Larkin 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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Denise Larkin

An author living in London writing about her experiences and who shares her poetry and fictional stories. She is also the author of the Time to Run series out now on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

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Denise Larkin
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