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The Sea

by Denise Larkin 2 years ago in nature poetry
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A poem about the sea

The Sea
Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

The waves roll in

The sun glares

On my skin

As I stand

In the salted sea

Looking out

Into the misty existence

Of the future

As it isn't

What it seems.

A swishing softness

Beneath my feet

Tells me to move on.

Nothing is as fierce

As the harsh toll

Of deadened water

Slashing against my ankles

Seeping, sandy, salty muckiness,

Slips between my toes

As I sink into the sunken ground

My stillness trapped

In the coolness of sound.

Stuck in the midst

Of a windy beach

The whistling, hissing, breeze

Swaddling deep into my eardrums

As I try to paddle further

Against the swishing waters

Tantalizing, prickling, frolicking,

My body frisks closer.

The air blows my long hair

A tangling mess of knots

Harrowing my existence

Deeper into the sea.

The water slashes

Against my thighs

As I go deeper and further

Swimming, floating, splashing

Against the roughness

Whipping, bashing, lashing,

Floundering whoops of pushes,

As my body is hounded

In the seas' striking lisp.

I reach the yacht

And climb in

I settle down

The sailing time

Will begin

To pastures new

A time for exploring

A time for silence.

Being at sea

Is a purity

Of mindfulness

A quality of stillness

Settling the mind

For peace

The surrounding waters

The swaying of time

Slips slowly in line.

©️ Denise Larkin 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Also published at Medium.com

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About the author

Denise Larkin

A writer from London writes about her experiences and shares her poetry and fictional stories on VocalMedia. The author of thriller fiction books, Time to Run and The Island of Love. Her new book Darkness is available now on Amazon.

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