The Rock

by Peter D 3 years ago in love poems

A Poem

The Rock

The Rock

There it stood, face to the waves

Jutting beyond the caverns and caves

Daring to face the unconquerable might

Stubborn defiance to a terrible night

While all the world would tremble and squirm

It would not bend, it would stand firm

Arrogant, strong and fiercely proud

Refusing submission to stormy shroud

Lash at its face and crash at its feet

Pour your fury in blinding sheets

Roll in the the clouds and and shower the hail

Blow in a wind of strongest gale

In a battle of force you cannot win

You’ll never pierce its stony skin

It finds its strength amidst the spray

Renews its purpose in the fray

But as hell’s abyss began to yawn

And night gave way to gleaming dawn

The storm withdrew its mad assault

Reluctantly grinding to a halt

The sun emerged from the water’s edge

Bringing with it golden pledge

Warming the rock with gleaming rays

Melting away the icy sprays

And as the light began to shine

The stone mused “My heart is mine

It cannot be shattered, pierced, or broken

Never again another’s token”

Perched above the ocean’s chest

It arched beyond its rocky crest

The storm had made him stronger still

Aroused in him an iron will

All he could hear was the gentle waves

Finding their path amongst the caves

Coyly washing o’er the rocks

Combing through the granite locks

Never daring to stay too long

Offering only a peaceful song

A timid caress of the rocky face

A hesitant, shyly persistent embrace

The Rock could taste the salty breeze

And bask in the moment’s calm reprieve

Hearing the chant of distant gulls

Succumbing to the dreamy lull

The waves continued their gentle persuasion

Moving in rythymic undulation

Venturing forward and then a retreat

Waiting a moment before a repeat

This went on a fortnight more

Gliding oe’r the rocky shore

Eroding away his stony base

Quietly giving mellow chase

And though the rock tried to resist

He could not fight alluring bliss

His iron will began to crack

Resolve began to lose its track

And then one day he had no choice

His heart had heard the ocean’s voice

He left behind his lofty place

And sank into the sea’s embrace

The fiercest torrent that struck his mesh

Could not pierce his callous flesh

The tender waves and patient clock

Were the force that finally broke the rock

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Peter D
Peter D
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