Speak to Me of Time

by Peter D 2 years ago in surreal poetry


Speak to Me of Time

Speak to me of Time

Time we painted portraits in the clouds

Shadow danced through rays of light

Carving paths through cotton mist

Long-forgotten we exist

Lost within the moment's tryst

Cast in shrouds of heaven's white

Speak to me of time

Time our palms were pressed together

Fingers set upon each wrist

Pulses locked in silent tether

Counting beats in fields of heather

Not a when or why or whether

But the hush of tantric kiss

Speak to me of time

Time you crawled across the dungeon floor

Etching lines upon the brick

Each beginning and each ending yours

Rowing ever toward the ancient shores

Gratifying human tick

Speak to me of time

Time I scribbled words upon the page

With rhythm more than meaning

Sounding verse that wasn't mine

Marking cadence in the lines

Finding silence in the screaming

Speak to me of time...

This desperate and defiant urge...

To slavishly control...

The rhythm of our consciousness

The dwelling of our soul

surreal poetry
Peter D
Peter D
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