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The promise of tenderness

by Pherawaty 4 months ago in inspirational
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An endless journey

image by Verawaty

I will never lose my faith in the wild where we came from. I will never forget the tenderness of the original days I’ve spent alone. They can’t question my wishes coming from the doubts and fears I feel so deep inside for so long. They can’t keep me away from the first spirits I was destined to meet while being so small. No, I will never let go of the loyalty to the ones who never asked for the change we needed to embrace against all odds. I will keep fighting for what is real inside all of us. Our grief, our pain, our love for the spirits we were supposed to be and I will try to find endlessly.

Even if I am the only one who believes. Even if I am the only one trying. Even when I am the only one fighting. If that means it will create a source of knowledge for all of us then so be it.

It is a journey nobody asked me to do, I am aware of that. Somehow this journey is created for me.

~promise by Faye


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a prose and poetry writer to create a new world of love, light and magic

sharing my most intimate poetry coming from my deepest emotions about heartbreaking experiences combined with messages of hope and love

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