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The Price I Pay

Crazy is as crazy does

By Jessica MillerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
The Price I Pay
Photo by Thyla Jane on Unsplash


My life - shards of colors twisting

Patterns of pain endearing


Depression sinks, black holes form

Razors! Watch out! Go back!


Life is gray, sadness consumes

Pills in hand - my mind a barren land


Rain on summer sunshine, clouds blotting out the mind’s eye

Gun...run away little girl, run away!


Memories shatter; broken glass

Kaleidoscopic distress

Help! Help!

Screaming soundlessly into the black

What I wouldn’t give to get my life back on track


No one can hear, no one can know

Why is everyone a foe?


Circles of thoughts, cycles of pain

There is nothing left to gain

Help! Help!

I scream madly, my voice broken and lost

I scream my pain no matter the cost

Someone answers

A hand is held out, asking for belief

I take it, shaking with relief.


A golden ray of sunshine touching my black

No more hiding, no more running; I say what I lack


Surrounded by arms, lifting me up

I say it gently, unable to believe...

Rainbows have found their way inside of me!


It is a cycle new to me

Hopefully it is one that will always be.

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About the Creator

Jessica Miller

Where do I start? I have been writing stories my whole life, it feels like. I remember being around 11 when I found books. And it’s all been amazing since then. I get to read, I get to write. I get to see the world through many lenses.

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