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The Power of Silence

Whispers of Wisdom

By Ahsan AhmadPublished about a month ago 2 min read

In the stillness of the morning, when the world is hushed and new,

A truth profound emerges, as the sky turns shades of blue.

In the silence lies a wisdom, in the quiet, strength we find,

For when intellect matures, it's less through speech, more through mind.

We often shout our thoughts aloud, in a hurry to be heard,

But the wisest hearts are those who know the power of few words.

In the cacophony of voices, in the rush to make a claim,

There's a gentle peace in knowing, that our actions speak the same.

In the garden of our thoughts, where ideas blossom bright,

It's the calm and steady gardener who cultivates the light.

Not with noise or grand expression, but with patience, deep and true,

In the silence, there is beauty, in the stillness, we renew.

For the sage who knows the journey, and the path that lies ahead,

Understands the worth of listening, more than words so quickly said.

In the echo of the silence, in the spaces left unfilled,

Lies the essence of our wisdom, and the dreams that we've distilled.

So let your mind grow fertile, let your heart be still and kind,

In the echoes of the quiet, let your true self be defined.

For the brilliance of our being, isn't in the loud displays,

But in knowing when to whisper, and in understanding gaze.

In the tapestry of living, where each thread weaves into one,

It's the silent, thoughtful moments that can never be undone.

For the brightest star in heaven shines without a single sound,

It's in the quiet of the evening that true wisdom can be found.

So embrace the gentle silence, let your intellect take flight,

In the calm, profound reflection, find the courage, find the light.

For when intellect is perfect, it's not words that pave the way,

But the strength of quiet wisdom that will guide us every day.

In the echoes of the silence, find the truths you seek to know,

Let the power of your wisdom in your actions always show.

For the greatest minds in history, and the hearts that we revere,

Knew the strength of thoughtful silence, and the wisdom it holds dear.

So, as you walk your journey, let your speech be calm and rare,

Find the beauty in the quiet, and the wisdom dwelling there.

For when intellect is perfect, and our hearts and minds align,

It's in the stillness of our spirit that our greatest truths will shine.


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  • Luz Marina Peralta3 days ago

    En el silencio de la noche eterna...nos conectamos con la escencia de la vida

Ahsan AhmadWritten by Ahsan Ahmad

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