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The Pearl of Life

Oyster Anatomy

By Denelsia WalkerPublished 4 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read

"The World is My Oyster."Quote by Shakespeare

🦪The Pearl of Life🦪

On its mantle, I sweat sweet honeycomb libations of poetry, soul, rhythm, and blues with chants and spells. I am rocking steadily together. Everything is with set intention and precision.

Only in freedom dance and buoyancy do I let it slowly roll - unhinged both shells of my lobes. I can see all the fringe benefits in the terrain behind my abductor muscles. Seizing my own Umbo will be the greatest abduction.

I swim through this creation's gills and open its belly to receive me. Because "Life is My Birthright." Whether on land or in the saltwater.

Be it cupped or flat. I glide through tracheas, food for thought, faster than a fresh hurricane in the middle of the sea tranquility of unreliquent quiet storms and tsunamis to raging Diva-Station from previous droughts.

Oya rides thunder like a water buffalo through the marketplace. Her constant lightning bolt rearranges the Earth's wrath. Gather the energy in rain buckets or return it to me from the sky. No chaser is needed beyond this bivalve.

Swallow my meat raw and whole. When passing my freshwater mollusks, make sure when deep sea dining to extract my pearl. After much turbulence is eradicated, aragonite and conchiolin. I develop nacre to protect life's invasions.

When my shell opens, it peeks through the clouds of thunderstorms. I gaze at the sun, moon, stars, and rainbows. After fairweather through uninvited debris, luminescent remains my luster.

Dust me off. Roll me eight ways in every direction. My reflection will still be one convex mirror. We are one. Each individual is the Pierre Cartier Pearls of life.

Author Denelsia Walker

(Inspired by Goddesses Yemeya, Oshun, & Oya)🌊🌀⛈️⚡🌩️🌈

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  • Toby Heward4 months ago

    Very nice

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