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The Past

Series: Fragments of my mind

By CyrusPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
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2 March 2022, After midnight

The past

Can’t change who you are.

They mock; they shout

They tell you that




Can’t change who you are.

Born with all those scars;

Born with all those marks


Yet you


Don’t listen.

Just quicken the pace

And drown out the craze


And you


Can change.

Just find your way

Get out of the maze.


Yet I


Still wonder

If I found my way through

After all these years


As I


Still feel

The past;

It lingers in my blood.





~ End? ~

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About the Creator


Welcome to the fragments of my mind. Thoughts. Ideas. All once a chaotic yet artistic mess, before I expanded them into entire, complete poems.

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  • Vicki Lawana Trusselli about a month ago


  • Trishawn Blakeabout a month ago

    Cool poem Cyrus ❤️❤️ - Keep up the great work!

  • Anna about a month ago

    Wow, incredible poem! Congrats on Top Story!🥳🥳🥳

  • Idogho Oghaleabout a month ago

    I like how this beautifully captures the resilience and determination to overcome the past. It's inspiring how it emphasizes the power to change despite scars and marks.

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Carol Townendabout a month ago

    I can relate in a very heartful way. Remember, your past does not make you a bad person. I love the expression of feelings that you have used in your poem.

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Powerful piece. Congrats on the TS.

  • Whoaaa, this was so freaking powerful! I loved your poem!

  • Very well done and clever piece. Excellent work as always!

  • Marvelously introspective, rebellious & evocative. Your blending of "my", "your", & "our" is powerful.

  • Daphsam2 months ago

    Wow, this was very powerful to read.

  • Celia in Underland2 months ago

    Very cleverly written and like the optimism of the first half and the contemplation of self and the past it leads into 🤍

  • Cyrus (Author)2 months ago

    Writer's Notes: The "O" "U" and "R" are supposed to be lined up beneath "Y" in the original variation.

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