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The Paradox of Fate and Choice

Exploring the Intersection of Determinism and Free Will

By cruddymoosePublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Paradox of Fate and Choice
Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

Free will and determinism, a paradox so profound

A question that has plagued us, as we walk life's endless round

Do we truly have the power, to make choices on our own?

Or is our path already set, by forces yet unknown?

Some say that every action, is predetermined from the start

That fate has already written, the script of every part

That our choices are but an illusion, a mirage in the sand

And that destiny has already laid, its guiding hand.

But others argue fiercely, that free will is our right

That every choice we make, is a spark of our own light

That we hold the reins of our own fate, and chart our own course

That destiny is what we make, and not some hidden force.

And yet, the paradox remains, a riddle still unsolved

As we search for the answer, our minds and hearts involved

For if determinism rules, and free will is just a dream

Then what's the point of living, if nothing's as it seems?

And if free will reigns supreme, and determinism is denied

Then why do some still suffer, while others seem to glide?

Is life a game of chance, or something more profound?

A mystery that we may never solve, as we walk life's endless round.

Perhaps the answer lies somewhere, between these two extremes

A delicate balance of fate and choice, or so it seems

For while we may not hold all the cards, we still have a hand to play

And while we may not control all outcomes, we still choose our way.

So let us embrace this paradox, this mystery so profound

And let us live our lives with purpose, with passion and with sound

For while we may not know the answer, we still can make a choice

To live our lives with meaning, and with a resounding voice.

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My name is cruddymoose. I am a passionate writer and wordsmith, has always had a love for the written word. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, I try to bring a unique voice to the world of writing.

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