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The Journey to Happiness

Seeking, Finding, and Choosing Joy in Life

By cruddymoosePublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Journey to Happiness
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Happiness, oh happiness, what a fickle thing you are

A feeling so elusive, like chasing after a star

Yet we all seek your warmth, your radiance and your glow

Tell us, dear happiness, what must we do to make you show?

Some say that wealth and riches are the key to your embrace

But others argue that true happiness lies in a simple, humble space

Perhaps it's found in giving, in acts of kindness and of love

Or maybe it's in finding purpose, in work that we're proud of.

But no matter where we search or what we try to do

It seems that happiness is always just out of view

We chase after it relentlessly, with passion and with zeal

Yet oftentimes we find that happiness is all too real.

For it's not a destination, but a journey that we take

It's found in the small moments, in the choices that we make

It's in the laughter of a child, the warmth of a loving hug

It's in the simple pleasures that we often take for granted.

So if you're seeking happiness, my friend, remember this one truth

That it's not something that you find, but something that you choose

It's a mindset and a lifestyle, a way of being in the world

And once you find it, dear friend, your life will be unfurled.

So live your life with purpose, with passion and with grace

And always keep in mind that happiness is not a race

It's a journey that we take, a road that we must roam

And when we find it, dear friend, we'll finally feel at home.

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My name is cruddymoose. I am a passionate writer and wordsmith, has always had a love for the written word. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, I try to bring a unique voice to the world of writing.

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