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The Illusion of Reality

Perceptions and Deceptions in the Mind

By cruddymoosePublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Illusion of Reality
Photo by Andreas Kind on Unsplash

The nature of reality, what is it, we ask?

A question that’s been pondered since time has passed.

Is it something solid, tangible and real,

Or is it just a perception that we feel?

We see the world around us, as if it’s in sight,

But is what we perceive, the same as what’s right?

Is it just our senses, that make it seem so,

Or is there something deeper, we’re yet to know?

Perhaps it’s a mixture, of what’s out there,

Combined with our minds, that gives us a glare.

Our eyes, ears, touch, and even our taste,

All come together, to form what we face.

But what of the things, we cannot see?

Like atoms and molecules, so tiny they be.

Are they real, or just a trick of the mind,

An illusion we’ve created, of a different kind?

And what of the things, that we feel inside,

Like love, and hate, and the thoughts that we hide?

Are they part of reality, or just our perception,

A reflection of our mind's own inception?

The nature of reality, a question so deep,

It’s a mystery we continue to try and keep.

Perhaps it’s the answer, that’s not important at all,

But the journey to discover, and understand it all.

performance poetry

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My name is cruddymoose. I am a passionate writer and wordsmith, has always had a love for the written word. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, I try to bring a unique voice to the world of writing.

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