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The Paradox Girl

Whispers of a crown that hides a tear, a warrior's mask with a child's heart held dear

By Ivan IslamPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Paradox Girl
Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

A crown of triumph sits upon her head,

Success a cloak she wears with practiced grace.

Her smile, a sunrise, lights the path ahead,

Yet shadows linger in a haunted space.

Friends gather near, a vibrant, loyal band,

But laughter rings with an echo of the past.

A family's love, a hand to understand,

But burdens shift, a weight that's meant to last.

Her gaze, a fortress, hides a fragile core,

A warrior's spirit in a child's disguise.

Serious she seems, a role she learned to adore,

But loved ones see the vulnerability in her eyes.

Tears rise unbidden, a well that overflows,

A storm within, a secret, silent plea.

But happiness in her, a gentle blossom grows,

A simple gift, a heart set wholly free.

For in her depths, a paradox resides,

A wounded soul with strength beyond compare.

She builds her world on ruins, where hope confides,

A fractured girl, with beauty beyond repair.

So let her cry, the cleansing rain descend,

A teardrop's worth, a burden gently shed.

For in her brokenness, a spirit will transcend,

The girl within, finally, truly, fed.

This is the essence of the joy you bring,

A captivating light that makes the whole world sing.

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Ivan Islam

I am just a random freelancer writing about the things I research, observe myself and verify by experts. Want to let the world know about my works nd features. Please support, subscribe and read thoroghly. Thank U All.

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  • Raisa2 months ago

    BRB crying 😭😭😭😭

  • This one is dedicated to a kid who is an adult outside nd loves some exquisite things xD nd got something for Daddys xD...Lol !!!

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