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In the Hush of Doubt, Love's Whisper Blooms

A Love Song in the Key of Silence

By Ivan IslamPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
In the Hush of Doubt, Love's Whisper Blooms
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

In realms of whispers, where shadows lie,

Love's melody once soared, now torn and dry.

Evni's touch, a fading memory's grace,

Thia's eyes, a storm in doubt's embrace.

A silence hangs, thick as a lover's sigh,

Where laughter danced, and tears refused to die.

Rumors weave a web of tangled thread,

Of futures stolen, hopes left for dead.

Yet in the hush, a spark remains unseen,

A flicker of defiance, love's evergreen.

Evni's gaze, a promise whispered low,

His love a fortress, where doubt cannot go.

He seeks not conquest, nor a claim of might,

But solace in the darkness, a guiding light.

With gentle hands, he builds a bridge of trust,

In hearts that yearn, but fear to break the crust.

Through actions whispered, louder than any word,

He paints a portrait of love, forever heard.

In deeds of kindness, whispers turn to song,

As doubt surrenders, where it once belonged.

For love's true measure lies not in grand display,

But in the quiet moments, where hearts find their way.

And in the depths of silence, a new melody arises,

A symphony of devotion, where love never dies.

So let the shadows dance, and rumors fly,

Evni's love, a beacon in the sky.

For in the whisper of his soul, a truth remains,

Love's final note, a victory in Thia's chains.

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Ivan Islam

I am just a random freelancer writing about the things I research, observe myself and verify by experts. Want to let the world know about my works nd features. Please support, subscribe and read thoroghly. Thank U All.

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