The Pain of Racism

The Pain of Living with Racist Family Members

The Pain of Racism

This is a poem I wrote in honor of all the people who have racist and/or prejudiced family members. We love our family, but it hurts to hear them say mean and derogatory things towards other ethnic groups.


You say that your people are stronger

You say that your people are better

You say that your people are beautiful

You say that your people are best

They are jealous those people wish they were us

They are immoral those people spread their legs

They are mediocre those people have no talent

They are weak those people have no strength

Why can't they handle reality? Why do they kill themselves?

I love my family but I despise the words

the hate that comes spewing out of a foolish mouth

Why hate people you don't know?

Why do you despise a stranger on the street?

We all can shine and be wonderful

so please stop telling me racist things

I dont know why you are so insecure

I dont know why you feel like a victim

I dont know why you think evil

I dont know why you hate them

I love them I think they are wonderful

Yes they are human so none are the same

So stop the stereotypes

Stop creating pain...

social commentary
Gloria Rose
Gloria Rose
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