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The Open Hand

A Poem on Being Non-Judgemental

By Michelle LiewPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Open Hand
Photo by youssef naddam on Unsplash

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.” So reads a well-known phrase from Matthew Chapter 7, Vs 1. It is a stark reminder to be mindful of being, for want of a better word, judgemental.

There’s good reason not to be. We’re subject to the judgement of friends and family members, and their constant assessment is gritty, to say the least. So we’ve to lead by example and not swing the mallet too quickly.

How do we extend an open hand and hopefully get one offered to us in return? We empathize, practice acceptance, and remain as open-minded as possible. Enjoy these free verses.

Open hand

Puts hearts in a line

Draws them

Together as one

Open hand

Opens the door

To fields green

And new

Open hand

Pulls the same door


To "all flowers

are roses"


Wraps itself


One and all.


About the Creator

Michelle Liew

Hi, i am an English Language teacher cum freelance writer with a taste for pets, prose and poetry. When I'm not writing my heart out, I'm playing with my three dogs, Zorra, Cloudy and Snowball.

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