The one

by Crystal Rickman about a month ago in love poems

A poem about true love

The one
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From a little girl in pigtails

To the woman she tried to become

Something was always missing

She knew it had to be, The One

The One was what was missing

That little tiny piece

She’d walk right and talk right

Be skinny, funny, pretty and neat

And when she finally found him

He’d make her life complete

He’d cherish her,protect her

Put her up on high

Admiring her like the most beautiful starry sky

He’d conquer all her troubles and slay her every fear

Make everyday a dream, a life without a single tear

Lovers came into her life

Trying their very best

Sometimes she pretended

But it always ended

And off they went

Then one day in April

She finally met her match

His smile was so contagious

His touch knocked her on her ass

As his love grew stronger

It wasn’t exactly what she dreamt

He couldn’t conquer all her troubles

Or even slay her biggest fears

He cherished her and loved her

Even wiped away her tears

And as she looked into his eyes

His love reflected something so clear

That she could conquer all her troubles

And slay her biggest fears

That she was The One she had been searching for

what was missing all those years

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Crystal Rickman
Crystal Rickman
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Crystal Rickman

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