Wandering thoughts

by Crystal Rickman about a month ago in sad poetry

Anxiety train

Wandering thoughts
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Wandering thoughts

Overthinking pain

My mind is on a runaway train

Why do I worry

Why do I care

Why do I keep taking this ride going nowhere

Twist and turns

Highs and lows

Never really knowing where I will go

Will it be a fast ride

Not taking up to much time

Or will I travel far to the demons in my mind

Is the view real

Or a picture painted by pain suffered over time

Next time I won’t get on, I’ll just watch it pass me by

Waving at the insecurities living in my mind

Because who would ever chose to take this kind of ride

One that reveals all your struggles endured over time

But yet here I am standing knowing it’s on its way

Will I chose the train wreck or will I chose to stay

sad poetry
Crystal Rickman
Crystal Rickman
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Crystal Rickman

Young 45 figuring life out. I love words and feel I can express myself best when they are written.

Starting over means taking chances so why not take a chance on putting my words out there... Hoping my honesty and openness can touch people.

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