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The Old Rocking Chair

Comfort in the Worn

By BuzuPublished about a month ago 1 min read
The Old Rocking Chair
Photo by Allec Gomes on Unsplash

With arms of oak, so strong and worn,

I've held a lifetime, night and morn.

A creaky sigh, a gentle sway,

I rock the young, I rock the gray.

I've cradled dreams and lullabies,

Seen tearful eyes and happy sighs.

A confidante in hushed tones low,

Secrets whispered, soft and slow.

Through winter's chill and summer's heat,

I've offered solace, calm, and retreat.

A haven worn, a steady beat,

The rhythm of hearts, soft and sweet.

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Verses sculpted from the heart, I'm a poet navigating emotions with ink-stained fingertips. Crafting tales that dance between reality and dreams, my words paint a symphony of feelings in the canvas of life. 📜✨ #PoetLife #Wordsmith

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