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The mountain view

On snowy mountain

By Karen BrazeePublished 2 years ago 1 min read

The Snow was drifting down the mountain of trees you can hear the echoing of water dripping resoundingly

Hear the echoing of hi"s through the mountain top forest Watching deers go passing by ine woods

Deers roaming about the mountain Hearing echoing sounds of hooves Hooves getting closer and closer stopping by

The mountain spring arrived Whispering pines streaming water Water water everywhere

The mountain moved apart Slowly and nearly from the start Piece by piece crumbling into the ocean waves

Climbing higher and higher the mountain getting smaller and smaller Every move was further and further

The thought of the mountain Seeing the overcast if misty waters Water run through every inch

Once you reach the mountain peak Stop and say Hello and you will hear the resounding hello back

The power of the mountain The snow atop the place. Makes pretty flakes fall from the sky


nature poetry

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Karen Brazee

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