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By Karen BrazeePublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Licking green lollipops

Uncovering the soft and chewy

gooey juices

Knowingly flowing through

Your watery mouth

Down the hatch and Stirring

All your five senses

Five senses and tasty flavor

Flavor fulfilling the taste buds

Satisfying the craving of sugar

Being able to swallow the sugary feeling of

Sweetness tempting the eyes, nose and watery mouth Licking that green lollipop close up to your lips Savoring the long lasting round green apple lollipop Double dipped in a Caramel sauce

Dripping from the hotness Surrounding the outer Comfortably warming the inside of your tingling mouth melting it and sucking on it

It means it for suckers

performance poetry

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Karen Brazee

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    KBWritten by Karen Brazee

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