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The Majestic Whale: A Poem of Emotion and Empathy

"A Tribute to the Gentle Giant of the Ocean and a Call to Action for Its Survival"

By Sarath SPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
The Majestic Whale: A Poem of Emotion and Empathy
Photo by Gabriel Dizzi on Unsplash

Majestic whale, ruler of the sea,

My heart is overwhelmed with emotion for thee.

Your beauty and grace leave me in awe,

As you glide through the water with nary a flaw.

Your enormous size belies your gentle nature,

And your songs are a symphony, a true treasure.

My soul is touched by your melancholy tune,

As I marvel at the vastness of the ocean, all too soon.

My heart swells with empathy for your plight,

As humans threaten your existence with all their might.

The oceans are your home, your kingdom, your realm,

But we've polluted and exploited, causing you to overwhelm.

Oh, how my heart breaks for the pain you endure,

As we continue to ignore the consequences we ensure.

But I vow to do my part, to fight for your survival,

To protect your habitat, your food, and your revival.

Majestic whale, your strength and spirit inspire,

Awe and reverence, a burning desire.

To keep your legacy alive, to ensure your legacy,

So future generations can see your majesty.

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