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The Love Is Gone

by Incipient Poet 4 years ago in sad poetry
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What It Means to Give, What It Means to Love, What It Means to Live

I wish the pen on this paper could come up with positive things but in the midst of my mind that's not what my hand brings.

I wish I could tell you how happy I am to be alive, but truth is if it wasn't for my daughter I would have gladly died. And I know this is depressing, something most would like to ignore. But I had to find out the hard way love can't be bought in liquor stores. Love can't be found in a body count, and isn't getting so upset you get drunk to blackout. Love isn't what the world portrays it, and social media will hate when I say it, but love isn't crazy girlfriends and fights. It isn't breaking windshields and crying through the night. Love isn't seeing truth and running away, love isn't inconsistent throughout each day. Love is not seeing flaws and suddenly taking flight, love is not denying each other of our rights. You may ask why I bring this up? But I come to find that I live in a generation molding from social media, instead of searching our own mind. The world is shaping from social medias version of love and it's made our world turn blind.

We're laughing at each other's expense, "fuck you food stamps, I won't give another cent!" Rape culture is something us women "should prevent."

The same ones who say unify and love, are the same ones spreading hate to the ones who are "wrong." Our country is crying, we are slowly dying, government is lying, Senate's are denying.. rape.. yet he stays? Presidents pay women so they won't have a say? And be slaves to this land that white men have claimed, standing on blood stained land. "One nation under God" that suffers upon one another's hand, as a bigoted fool "leads you to the Promised Land."

I don't want to keep living like this. I never imagine the world would be like this. No one knowing what it means to give, what it means to love, what it means to live.


sad poetry

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