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Real Talk

by Incipient Poet 4 years ago in performance poetry
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Rape Culture

Dont judge my awkwardness and anxiety.

You want real talk? Let's do that. Let's unpeel every onion layer to get to the center of the truth. The truth that rape culture is nothing new, sadly its something we have been born into. Those who point and shout feminazi well that simply isn't true. What is feminism to you? An army of women out to destroy men? That's what I heard today from a white male again. But should we take a look at statistics? Approximately one in seven females report there sexual assault, and I can tell by your shifting eyes that you want to put this conversation to a halt. Do you ever question why more women are forced to be silent rather than speaking out? For one they are met with consistent doubt, and they know that men have a say and women are with out. Women get bullied harassed and degraded. And somehow our leaders never seemed more elated. One in four women suffer from sexual abuse. One in four! Yet we only hear about one "scam" on the news? Why are we not outraged? For our sisters, daughters, and wives? Why are we not in uproar proclaiming equal lives?! I don't understand how the anger isn't eating at our souls, I don't understand how evil plays such a big role. For all of your mothers worried about your sons, worry about teaching them about the statistics on rapist and not to become one. "Boys are not safe, this is a war on men." I want to shake you and ask you where the hell have you been?! This world has preyed on women for far too long, and I'm joining all the women who are rising up and anyone against us we don't give a f**k! We have stood and said me too, and you won't shut us up. You will never minimize or demolish what we have been through, we will only continue to rise up.


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