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The Little Girl Who Screamed

by Bria Fairchild 3 months ago in social commentary
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By Bria Fairchild

The Little Girl Who Screamed
Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

You would be surprised by what they took

She's embarrassed by the way she looks

They get praised

While she gets hazed

She has to be careful with her hair

Yet they are told they have flair

How can I make you understand?

That I am not living in a dreamland

I am in pain and hurting

Worrying about the young girl who’s uncertain

Trying and failing to understand why she isn't enough

While others are just living it up

I find myself alone at night

Replaying your careless slights

Your smiles ever so wide

Unaware of my breaking mind

social commentary

About the author

Bria Fairchild

Hi! I hope you enjoy my short stories, bad poetry and the advice tidbits that I give out every Wednesday. Come and scream at the stars with me.

Whenever, Wherever,Whomever

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