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By Caleb HowardPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In a bustling city, amidst the chaotic rhythm of life, there stood a forgotten dance hall. Once vibrant with music and laughter, it now lay dormant, its faded walls holding memories of bygone days.

One evening, as the city slept, a lone figure stepped into the deserted hall. Her name was Lily, and she had come seeking solace in the empty echoes of the past.

With a sigh, Lily began to dance, her movements graceful and fluid as she twirled across the dusty floor. The moonlight streamed through broken windows, casting ethereal shadows upon the walls.

As Lily danced, a soft melody filled the air, as if the very walls of the hall were singing. And in that moment, she was not alone—spirits of the past joined her, their presence felt in every step she took.

For one fleeting night, the dance hall came alive once more, a testament to the enduring power of music and memory. And as the first light of dawn broke through the darkness, Lily smiled, knowing that she had given the forgotten hall one last dance to remember.

surreal poetry

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