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"The Language of Touch"

"Fingers Speaking Love"

By Waseem ChemPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the realm of tranquility where words dissolve,

Our tale unfolds, known as "The Language of Touch."

A ballet of silence, fingers intertwined,

Emotions conveyed through every brushstroke.

Whispers of tenderness etched upon the skin,

A tactile sonnet, where love finds its origin.

The warmth of palms, an intimate dance,

Fingers expressing love with each gentle glance.

Caresses narrate untold and sweet stories,

In the language of touch, two hearts find their glory.

The soft touch of fingertips, a gentle prose,

Love's silent language, only the heart truly knows.

On the canvas of flesh, emotions come alive,

A masterpiece born from the quaintness of touch.

Hands clasped, a profound dialogue unfolds,

In the language of touch, love's essence is told.

Through fingertips tracing a map of desire,

An unspoken language that sets hearts on fire.

The brush of skin, an intimate form of art,

Fingers speaking love, a masterpiece from the heart.

Emotions resound through the touch of fingertips,

Love's symphony, silent yet deeply profound.

A touch, a whisper, a connection so profound,

In the language of touch, love's voice can be found.

So let our fingers weave a grand narrative,

In the language of touch, where hearts truly understand.

A poetry of touch, a dance of immense worth,

Fingers speaking love, in the language of touch.

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Waseem Chem

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