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"Beneath the Veil of Night"

"Love Illuminated by Moonlight"

By Waseem ChemPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Under the shroud of darkness, a realm unfurls,

Where enigmas dance and tales are unfurled.

Silhouettes of dreams against the moon's gentle gleam,

A tapestry of shadows, a nocturnal scene.

The stars, like precious gems, adorn the velvety sky,

Whispering secrets as night draws nigh.

A symphony of crickets, a lullaby so sweet,

In the stillness, the universe and I meet.

Under the shroud of night, where darkness entwines,

A realm of enchantment, where belief defines.

The moonlight caresses the slumbering Earth,

A gentle reminder of the universe's worth.

The owl's haunting hoot, a melodic refrain,

Echoes through the silence, a mystical domain.

Under the shroud, where reality is thin,

Imagination takes flight, where dreams begin.

The city lights twinkle in the distance,

Like distant promises, each one is a shining star.

Under the shroud, where shadows find their rest,

A sanctuary for weary souls, a blessed nest.

In the hushed moments, where time takes flight,

Under the shroud of night, all feels right.

A tranquil journey, a celestial flight,

In the embrace of darkness, under the veil of night.

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Waseem Chem

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