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The Knocks

by Conor Matthews 3 months ago in inspirational

A Poem

The Knocks
Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Unsplash

Tapping on the window,

Knocking on the door,

It lets itself in,

Every night for more.

Sneak across the room,

Crawl into out bed,

Step inside my senses,

Sleep in my head.

Keep me company,

Keep me talking,

Keep me from realising,

I'm sleepwalking.

Give the clock wings,

Watch it fly away,

Soaring in the night,

Perching on the day.

Feeling framed,

For inactions taken,

The sensation leaves you,

Feeling forsaken.

But it's yours,

All of this,

Every second a chance,

Not to miss.

You can't control it,

Or anything at all,

But if you stumble,

You can still stop the fall.

Do what you can,

That's all yours,

When you hear,

Knocks on the doors.

Study them,

Learn to predict,

Cherish yourself,

As more than adequate.

The fact you want,

Is a sure sign,

No matter your feelings,

You Will Be Fine.


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Conor Matthews

Writer. Opinions are my own.

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