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The Journey Within

A tapestry of thought, a mosaic of emotion

By Vicky TenthPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Journey Within
Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

The sun and the moon, they chase each other's tail

A never-ending cycle, a cosmic tale

The stars in the sky, they twinkle and shine

Guiding us through life, one step at a time

We are but specks, in this vast expanse

Yet we are more, we have the chance

To rise above, and be something greater

To leave our mark, and create a new chapter

So let us embrace, the unknown and the strange

For it is in these moments, that we truly change

We shed our skin, and become something new

A work in progress, forever in view

For the journey of life, is a never-ending climb

An adventure waiting, at every turn of time

So let us embrace, the beauty of the unknown

For it is in these moments, that we truly grow.

As I ponder and muse, upon life's great mystery

I am struck by the realization, that we are all but history

Mere fleeting moments, in the grand scheme of time

Yet we hold within us, the power to shine

We are complex beings, with thoughts and emotions

Endlessly striving, for some sense of motion

A sense of purpose, a reason to be

In this vast and wondrous, world we see

But as we journey, through this mortal coil

We must remember, to remain steadfast and loyal

To our values, our morals, and all that we hold dear

For it is in these things, that we find solace and cheer

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